Check Out Midway's Large, Modern, Fully-Equipped
Shop Staffed By Expert Service Technicians

  • 13 Big Service Bays
  • New State of the Art SuperFlow Engine and Chassis Dynamometer
  • Fuel Injection Shop
  • Machine Shop
  • Full Diagnostic Facilities

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To contact our service department please email or call Chet Rudy at 1-800-247-5665

Hours of operation are: 7:30 AM TO 5:00 PM MON - FRI
7:30 AM TO 1:00 PM SATURDAY.

SuperFlow's New Truck Chassis Dyno is a complete diagnostic system for today's electronically- controlled trucks.

We have it now at Midway Truck Service to better serve you. It eliminates road tests, to reduce costs and liabilities. It tests in a controlled environment, to provide repeatable, reliable information about the vehicle's performance.

It identifies the problem quickly and accurately. A water-brake chassis dyno loads the vehicle to quickly bring it up to operating temperature. The operator can perform a full-load test, in a matter of minutes to effectively evaluate the vehicle as if it was on the road.

It verifies that the problem was solved. The dyno verifies that the performance complaint is resolved and provides a printed report.

Midway Truck's huge and modern service department has 13 service bays supported by "State-of-the-art" service equipment.